Fun Artwork Done Fast & Friendly

Hello, I’m Cassie and welcome to my art site! I’m a freelance cartoonist living in the southeastern USA, and I’ve been doing commissions for about ten years. I would be delighted to work with you on an illustration or a larger project


Comics, books and sets of website images. 

Cassie is a talented illustrator, and I have worked with her on many different projects. She is efficient & timely, and I would highly recommend her for illustration work.

Blase Ciabaton

Owner, Naples Print Source

The work I’ve done for Naples Print Source can be viewed here on their blog.


Simple illustrations with defined pricing.

I’ve commissioned on multiple occasions and have always had very quick and communicative commission processes. It really helps to have you check in on every step and you often provide multiple examples of things in the process, like poses and such for the fullbodies, or ask/clarify for parts you feel you don’t have enough detail on. It makes the finished product more spectacular and accurate to what I have in mind when commissioning you.
I also adore how expressive you are in your art, putting the characters in question in poses that really show their personality. I can look at a picture with one glance and get an idea of what the character is like, and that’s what I often look for in art commissions. Very happy with what art I’ve bought from you and looking forward to buying more in the future!

Anonymous past customer