I’d be happy to work with you to create a custom comic. Email me at cassie.s.thomas@outlook.com if you would like to discuss a comics commission. (Email is for commission enquiries only.)

What kind of information do I need to provide to commission a comic?

The more material you can provide, the more accurately I can estimate how much time, work and expense will be involved in your project.

However, what you provide is entirely up to you. I’ve worked with people who gave me a script, people who gave me prose to adapt into a comic, people who just provided a basic idea, and even one person who provided full thumbnails and a panel by panel blueprint.

Will you write my comic's script, or do I need to provide one?

If your project is longer than three panels and you require a script, I will write a script

1) for additional cost

2) only if I am familiar with the characters in your project. I will not write dialog for characters belonging to you, nor will I help you craft new characters.

What kind of material will you include in comics?

Anything that is PG-13 rated or below and does not involve sexual or fetish content is usually fair game, however, extra cost may apply if you want something very complicated.

I cannot predict everything that people may ask for that I might not want to take on, so as a brief disclaimer: as a private citizen I reserve the right to turn down work at any time for any reason. In practice, it is very rare for me to turn anything down, and when I do, it’s usually because someone tried to sneak in some fetish content, so please don’t do that. 🙂

Don’t know how many panels you’ll need? I’ll thumbnail your project and figure that out for you.

Thumbnails are free for projects that are expected to take up only one page, and carry a non-refundable cost of $5 for projects that are longer than that.

Interested in a commission? Get in touch:

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Contact form is for commission inquiries only. Unrelated messages will not be replied to.